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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Almost a Very, Very, Very Bad Night

Tuesday was kickball night. Got to the field with the usual accoutrements: bug spray, cell phone, water bottle, cleats. Oh, and keys, of course. Met up with the team at an open space by the fields, where we got our t-shirts (4 weeks late) and started warming up.

The game was about to start, so I gathered up my stuff and moved over to our spot. As I was walking, noticed my keychain looked a little odd.

Now, I carry a lot of stuff on my keychain: keys, Arc AAA flashlight, mini-Swiss Army Knife, Spyderco Ladybug, etc.

Traser GlowringI also have a Traser Glowring, which is a nifty little tritium device that will glow in the dark for 10 years straight, and is especially useful if you, say, drop your keys in the grass as it's starting to get dark.

They come in different colors. They're also a little hard to get in the US, because of the, um, Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Anyway, I use a small carabiner to keep it all together, which usually works great, because I can clip it to the edge of my pocket (or my shorts, if I don't have any pockets.) It also makes it easy to take things off and switch things around. I have my car keys and remote on a separate ring, so they can come off together.

Here's the biner (life size): mini biner

As I continue looking at my keychain, I see that my car keys aren't on the biner.

That is very, very, very bad.

Especially since I've been running around in a field.

Oh, and the handy glow-in-the-dark glowring is on the part of the keychain that isn't lost.

I start retracing my steps, but the game is about to start.

I spend the next few innings worrying, trying to play, and scurrying around searching, asking people to look out for my keys, when I'm not at bat.

Eventually, word gets back to us that someone's found some Mazda keys.

And we won the game.


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