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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Report from BarCamp NYC

So, on this, the first day of BarCamp NYC, I attended a few presentations (notes to come later), and I gave my own (on presenting Blogging to Nonbloggers, with an eye towards corporate blogging).

It didn't go horribly, and it even branched out towards an examination of political blogging (that is, blogging by politicians), with an eye towards issues I hadn't really considered before, including the influence of the digital divide.

We then went on to prove how the Wisdom of Crowds is not infallible, as we stumbled past the destination bar (Grace), in the rain.

As I've noted previously, I'm not a very good liveblogger -- my writing style is much more deliberative, so I prefer to take notes on the very analog and old-fashioned pen and pad, then transcribe, analyze reorganize and publish later on.

I will get up my photos and accounts later on.



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