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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hitting With My Best Shot

I didn't end up going to Dr. Dremo's tonight for the Washington Psychotronic Film Society screening of 'Jungle Virgin Force.'

It's possible my life has turned into an Onion article ("Aging Gen-Xer Doesn't Find Bad Movies Funny Anymore") -- I am the right age, after all.

Alternately, it could be just that the movie didn't sound bad enough -- after all, these Indonesian grade-Z movies are lacking in both gratuitous sex and sufficient violence, and fellow auteur Jenny points out you need at least one of the two to make it worthwhile.

I ended up going to the gym for my Wednesday workout (which will be time-shifted for the next couple of months, due to kickball season). I finished up by hitting the punching bag for 20 minutes. I have determined that I've lost what little technique I had, but it felt good, anyway.

By the way, if you're going from Waxpool to Route 28 south at night: Don't. They're working on the new overpass by Sterling Boulevard and it cuts down to one lane.

Oh, and by the way -- lady in the SUV in front of me this morning: If there is a medium-sized plastic bag/tarp thing blowing around in the roadway, it is by definition empty -- therefore, you don't have to jam on your brakes to avoid hitting it, as the 3,000 pound car behind you (even at a safe following distance) is (or should be) of greater concern.


  • I think Jenny owes me some royalties. For years, I've been saying that "T&A doesn't make a bad movie good, it makes a bad movie watchable."

    By Blogger Steve, At 4/12/2006 9:34 PM  

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