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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Complicated, Like Sunday Afternoon

I read most of the paper, did two loads of laundry (well, technically I just emptied the drier) and then went skating this afternoon.

It was a really nice day, mid 70s and cloudy. There were some interesting cloud formations to the south, kind of a sheet made of wispy threads, pierced by a contrail. Of course, I didn't have my camera.

I headed over to the W&OD Trail, parked at the Route 28 lot and headed west, went about 5 miles and turned around. There were a good number of cyclists, not as many skaters. I had to loosen my calf strap a bit, since it was pulling at my Achilles in an unpleasant way.

In case it wasn't clear, nothing really noteworthy happened. Other than it was a nice day to skate.

Swung by the office gym to work out afterwards. AOL & Discovery are competing in an intercorporate fitness competition at The President's Challenge (which is the grown-up version of the President's Physical Fitness thing back in grammar school). I don't really care about the competition aspect, but it was an excuse to hit the gym, and the activity logging part of the Web site is nice.

You get a star if you register activity 5 days out of each week, with "activity" going all the way down to "Household Tasks."

It's amazing what the temptation to cheat is.

Let's see, they don't have a category for "Standing Around Drinking Beer, 2 hrs" -- I guess that's pretty close to "Walking, Light."

Afterwards, went to Trader Joe's, which is when things got complicated.

I was getting my usual items (simmer sauces, Kashi GoLean bars, frozen chicken potstickers which I'm pretty sure used to be packaged as mini-tortillas), when I saw someone from behind who looked a lot like one of my ex-girlfriends.

"No, that couldn't possibly be her," I thought, "since she's in [a state that is not Virginia]."

(I'm not sure why I'm being circumspect, it's not like I have a ton of exes, so it's not that hard to figure out who I'm talking about. Or who I think I'm talking about.)

Then again, she does have friends up here... she could have been visiting. But without telling me? Eh, probably.

We didn't end on the best terms. My fault, I guess.

I eventually decided not to force to issue (though not before stalling long enough to buy some things that I didn't really need. Like a small spaghetti squash), since if it wasn't her, it wouldn't have mattered, and if it was her... well, if she'd been interested in talking to me, she would have let me know.

Of course, since she knows about this blog, there's some chance that she'll see this, so I suppose I'm being passive-aggresive.

Either that, or just I'm just completely paranoid.


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