Dumb Things I Have Done Lately

Monday, November 27, 2006

"I suggest everyone sneezes on and profusely licks their food"

Seeing how my previous workplace fridge note entry was so beloved, here's another one from last Tuesday:


One of your coworkers is a thief and so completely lazy that they stole my sandwich. They stole a HOMEMADE sandwich. Who steals food in the first place? And honestly, who steals a non-packaged product? Do you really want something someone else has handled?

From now on, I suggest everyone sneezes on and profusely licks their food prior to bringing it to work.

I know I will.

Karma will find you.
This was on one of the fridges in another, farther kitchen (ours doesn't have an icemaker).

On a related work-food note, here's another discovery I made last week:

If the opportunity to eat Sodexho's implementation of "pad thai" presents itself, I strongly suggest you refrain.



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