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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wired: Good With Gadgets, Less Good With Genders

On Sunday, Wired's Cult of Mac blog had an entry featuring a photo which is alleged to be the first public photo taken with an iPhone. However, there was a problem:

Wired Cult of Mac blog entry about the first iPhone photo
"Yes, this image of a woman in a hoodie eating a piece of toast might well be the first image ever uploaded to the Internet from an iPhone. Remember this moment -- I'm sure your grandkids will ask you about where you were when you saw the first iPhone picture."

Now, perhaps I am overly sensitive to these sorts of things due to previous gender misidentifications, but the extensive stubble is indicative of either extensive hormone treatments or a Y chromosome.



  • Most definitely a MAN. It's the pony tail that fooled them. When my 6ft, broad-shouldered brother had a pony tail, he'd get mistaken for a woman all the time. It helped when they saw him from the front and he had a beard.

    By Blogger Jamy, At 5/01/2007 5:43 PM  

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