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Monday, April 21, 2008

... So Here's a Traffic Cone Wearing a Dust Mask

Following up on my April DC Blogger Meetup followup, here are a few more photos from the Metro ride back.

First, the titular photo -- a traffic cone, covering some broken tiles on the Gallery Place Metro platform. For unknown reasons, the traffic cone is wearing a dust mask:

The oddness of it reminded me of Oolong, the rabbit with a pancake on its head, so I made up an image macro version, which I'll probably never use:

"I have no idea what you're talking about... so here's a traffic cone wearing a dust mask."

Another shot from Gallery Place:
Lit pillars and red platform lights.

The larger version has nice curving lines above the platform, too.

There was some work being done at Metro Center:
Maintenance supplies stored on a Smarte Carte (borrowed from Reagan National?)

Through the fence.

On the Metro itself, there was a key sitting on the floor, and an orange on the ceiling:
DSCF4548.jpg DSCF4549.jpg

At Clarendon Metro, one of the elevators was out of order, its innards revealed to the world:


Lastly, here's a colorful valve assembly in the window of the tanning place on Clarendon Boulevard -- I've passed it lots of times but never snapped it:

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