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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Weeks of Blog Paralysis and I Come Back With This?

It took a mild case of impotent self-righteous blogger outrage and a wonderfully ridiculous gym excuse to get me out of my unintentional two-week blog hiatus.

It's not like there wasn't anything worth writing about (there was), or that I was somewhere exotically inaccessible (I wasn't) -- I was just somewhere in the mushy middle, buried under an ever-growing slushpile of things to talk about, as well as an ever-growing list of things to keep procrastinating upon.

I'm still underemployed (by choice, mostly), and I wonder how I ever got anything done when I wasn't. And mind you, I was pretty good (which is to say, bad) about subsuming my personal life into my work life.

Anyway, the time just keeps getting away from me.

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