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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hunkered Down for the Obamapocalypse

I'm ready for whatever happens -- the cisterns are full; the guns are sighted in; I've stocked up on provisions; and I've got my all-Rush mix tape.

Actually, I don't really think anything is going to happen. I just went grocery shopping after the gym and stocked up on jars of buy-one, get-one spaghetti sauce and one-pound bags of grits.

Looking at my kitchen, I could easily be mistaken for a survivalist, instead of the Depression-haunted can stacker it's my destiny to become.

I'm not one of the people heading down to DC to watch the Inauguration. I understand that people want to be a part of a unique moment in history, and yet I know that every single moment in time is unique, worthy of celebration, never to happen again.

Perhaps it is just that I am averse to crowds, cold, and security checkpoints.



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