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Kevin Appears to Be Worked Up About Something

Women say that men view them as sexual objects, but women 
are in denial that they view men as success objects.  Also 
women say it's hard to find a man who will commit to a 
relationship but it is the women (80%) who file for 
divorce annualy.  Look around at your friends and family 
and do an unscientific study of who left who.  Women can 
have a child by one man, divorce him garnish 1/3 of his 
GROSS pay in Massachusetts "thats before deductions DUDES" 
and then find another man whos paycheck they take over.
  In the meantime your 2/3 GROSS income doesn't look 
appealing to the next success seeker. Women tend to marry 
up yaknow. 
 Plus, the son or daughter you brought into this world is 
only yours legally "not physically" meaning that the 
Dictator you impregnated has full control of when you have 
"visitaion" thats right, when you can VISIT your own 
If the women gets pregnant their is no democratic process 
that determines weather you both want to be parents.
She has the choice of sucking you dry intill the child is 
out of college around 23ish "in Massachusetts" or deciding 
what is in her best interest without any concearn about 
So if a girl turns you down, be greatfull she did it 
before you were married. Good luck.    Kevin 


Subject: A cute peice [sic] of lyric.

First of all let me say how much I appreciate someone having a site 
like this one.  I will visit often.

After many dates and many instances of being left without a heart, I have 
found that the majority of women do not know what the hell they want in a 
guy.  They say, " I just want a guy to love and cherish me. :)"  What they
really mean is, "I just want a guy to slap me around, embarase me in public,
and take all my money."  This makes the next poor schmuck's life a living
hell when he tries to get close to her.   

I have found that the best "therapy" after being sh#t on by a woman is
listening to Pantera.  These guys really understand.

Ever had a woman give you the line, "I am just not myself anymore since 
we have been spending so much time together.  I think we should spend 
some time apart and maybe date other people."  

In the song "Walk" by Pantera, there is a verse, ". . . be yourself, by
yourself stay away from me."  How well put.


Scandanavians Get The Treatment, Too

From: Borje
Subject: Scattered ? Hah.. how about being totally abused?

Hey, those pages of your are something, I enjoyed them..

I understood that you want more of those.. Ok here comes my story..

Ok Ok OK It was a perod in my life when I wasn't exactly an angel
myself and I probabely messed up life for some babes.
I admit to that but I think I have changed (well matured somewhat).

I will keep this story short, to avoid to bore you and It would be 
quite repetetive.

Anyhow Some years ago I met this Girl, we where going along great
you know all oth the options listed on your page, same intersts, good 
looking etc. I was compleatly lost in this girl, for once I took
it very careful and really worked on this great relatiosn ship and
the thos famosuw word came.. As spoken before..

OK, I'm a man I'm cool (I really am) I thought I could handle this,
I pulled back, and became that casual friend of her.
So it should all be great and no problems right? 
I tried to pick ut the pieces of my hart and go on (Hey I'm a man),
with my life, we went out as firends do had dinner a couple
of times, event went bar hopping.
Wrong move.. She get a bit drunk and starts to be very cosy, hugging
kissing etc. we go to her house she invites me for a cup of tea.
And givbe me a ciup of tea and asks me to leave??

This stunt was repeated regulary for about a year..
also the following things happened.

OK i recoperate, we go out as friends, I meet a girl at a bar, she kind
of get curios about my "friend" and try to figure how she fit in the picture, I
tell her that she a friend and my "friend" tell the girl that she is my 
fiance' and that we are going to get married in the fall.. Curtain..
(It was a suprice to me)
And so it goes on, I try to start all over, find new girl, my "friend"
gets jealous and scare them off. 
I stop calling and she gets mad bacasue I do. 
I think she love me after all get soft start to call her and
she complaint that I'm calling her to often.

I leave town, comes back six months later she has now got a boyfriend
I simply don't call her and after a week she call me and is pissed
off because I didn't come and see her?

It's gone three years now since I stop seeing her and I'm still
soft for her, still a friend to her.. (Do I need a doctor??)

Some how I feel this is a divine revenge for all the ones I have let down.
So I have gave up, hwo can fight the goods?


Have you tried listening to Pantera?

John's Principles

Subject: Platonic Friendship Since both platonic friendships and romantic relationships with women are important to me, I have worked out some principles which I believe in and some goals which I practice (or try to practice :-). Principles 1. _All_ closeness between people involves sexual energy... not just that between two Members of The Appropriate Sex (MOTAS). 2. Even between two MOTAS, the way in which this energy is expressed is determined by things which are largely _not_ under their immediate control at a given time in their lives (e.g., their personalities, their childhood, and how much they've already grown personally in their life). 3. A romantic relationship is a joint invention which, borrowing from Thomas A. Edison's phrase, is the product of _both_ people's inspiration (e.g., spontaneous fantasies suggesting romantic compatibility) and perspiration (e.g., compromise, communication, personal growth). Goals [I am borrowing the British English usage of "fancy" to describe someone about whom one naturally and easily fantasizes in a number of different ways (not necessarily including sexually explicit ones... at least at first). For example, in the TV show "My Three Sons", the youngest son found out that he "fancied" someone (whom he eventually married) because he kept picturing her in a wedding gown... or in the kitchen cooking... or with their children... and, since they got married, I'd guess he learned to picture her in some other ways too :-]. 1. Try to grow to a point where fancies about a MOTAS are inspired at least as much by their inner beauty (e.g., personality, inner peace) as by their outer beauty (e.g., looks, success). 2. If you fancy a MOTAS, accepting a platonic friendship with him/her is self-destructive... it's better to admit this potential toward him/her and to deal with it in a mature fashion (e.g., _don't_ hide how you feel about him/her... at least from yourself). 3. If you don't fancy a MOTAS, but sense they fancy you, it's best to admit a _lack_ of that potential with him/her and to deal with it in a mature fashion (e.g., _don't_ offer a platonic friendship to someone who really _does_ fancy you). 4. If greater closeness is not in prospect with a MOTAS, steer between hurting his/her feelings by speaking your mind too directly and giving him/her false hopes by hiding your feelings by careful choice of subjects to talk about with him/her and activities to do with him/her. John R. G. DISCLAIMER: <Personal opinions, ...>
What was that middle part again?

Gothic Friendship...or something

Subject: just friends

Hey Joe (always wanted to say that):
  There was a discussion on this topic on alt.gothic a while ago (hell, 
it's probably still going on... you know how bitter goths are). The 
question was, What does "Just Friends" mean?
  Now, I can't take credit for this response. It was sent in by someone 
else, but I liked it so much that I forwarded it to my mailbox, where it 
has been sitting ever since, waiting for me to find your web page. So, 
here's the article:

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Newsgroups: alt.gothic,alt.romance
Subject: What "Just Friends" means?
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From: vex-1@ix.netcom.com (Chad Reichle )
Date: 24 Jun 1995 08:52:44 GMT
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 It means; "I don't just want you to mourn the loss; I want to remind
you of it every day. I want you to suffer. I want you to envy. I want
you to die slowly, a bit at a time. And I want you to smile and thank
me for it."

 (A woman I knew told me (approximately) this when I asked her the

*I am not a Goth. I am an Anti-Clown. We're more... intense.

*** end here ***
Robert C. E.
I'd put in some snide comments making fun of Goths, but they seem to do a pretty good job of that all by themselves.


From: Dean C. P.
Subject: my sad story

Re: Women, Platonic friendship, and all that crap.

Hey, great, insightful stuff. I add my two cents.

My sad story is about gals who are good friends and suddenly, like flipping
a light switch, become strangers. This has happened to me a number of times
in the last two to three years, and I'm at a loss to explain the pheneomenon.
I have had really great, close friendships with certain women. We'd talk
every day, go out to lunch on a regular basis, trade our most intimate
thoughts, in short, we had a great friendship. Then, one day, bam! It all
ends. No explanation, no reasons, we're just not friends anymore. On a
couple of occasions I decided to lay my cards on the table and ask what the
heck happened. After all, if a relationship goes away, you don't have much to
lose. Sometimes we have had heart to heart talks and came to a meeting of the
minds. One gal told me she thought we were getting too close. Okay, fine. She
could have told me that 6 months earlier and saved me a lot of grief! Another
didn't want to come clean. She just kept saying "Don't worry about it", her
catchall phrase which when decoded seems to mean "You aren't worthy of an
honest response, so get lost."

I think the real victim here is honesty. Be true to yourself and to others,
and if someone you once cared about wants to know what's the score, tell
him or her.

Dean's Rule #45. The truth hurts for a moment. A lie hurts for a long 
Joe's Rule #12. It's almost always more satisfying to do nothing and fantasize about what might have happened than to actually do something.

Subject: Try this Platonic Friend Disaster

       Coming from the man whose seen it all and done it all regarding 
Platonic relationships that I wish weren't so platonic, see if you ever 
heard this one, Finding out after a number of months of following around 
your new platonic friend that she is married!!! Here's the story,
       It begins as the classic simp meets girl story. I met this girl at 
school, well I shouldn't say I met her, more like she meet me, as she 
spoke to me first. Then the usual stuff happened, we got along great, she 
laughed at all my jokes, she was a really cool and insightful person, and 
to top it all off she was very, very, attractive. To protect the 
innocent I will call this girl Anna. All I had to do was build up the 
courage to ask her out and I would be set. The entire semester goes by 
without me saying a word to her about my attraction to her, not unusual, 
and here we were on the last day of the class we shared and I resolved 
that this was going to be the day, I was either going to speak up or 
remain silent forever, kicking myself everyday and living in the land of 
could-have-beens. During the last class I looked over at her note book and 
noticed that she had written on it the name Anna Lorenzo (once again, 
names changed to protect the innocent) but for the entire class the 
professor had addressed her as Anna Rodriguez. This confused me but the 
immediacy of my task caused me to quickly forget about it. I mentioned 
nothing of my true feelings either before or after class but now we were 
riding home on the subway and it was time. I looked over at her and out of 
the corner of my eye I noticed the words written on her notebook, So I 
asked, "Who's Anna Lorenzo?" And she laughed and said, "That's me." "I 
thought your name was Rodriguez" "No Rodriguez is my maiden name, my 
husband's name is Lorenzo." Well let me tell you, I completely lost it, I 
screamed out in the middle of the subway car, "WHAT?!?!?!!! YOU'RE 
MARRIED?!?!?!?!!!??!!" There she was, completely at a loss as to why I was 
so surprised and currently making a scene in the subway car. I then calmed 
down a bit as I felt the eyes of the other subway riders upon me and 
asked, "Why didn't you tell me this before?" "It never came up?" "Well I 
don't know about you but I think that after knowing someone for a number 
of months the fact that you're married should have come up at least once 
or twice. Where's your ring?" "Right here." I looked and on the third 
finger of her left hand along with a couple of other rings for camouflage 
was a band of white gold. I never thought that a wedding ring would be 
white gold and with the other rings of black plastic on the same finger I 
failed to ever notice its true nature. She apologized for not telling me 
and I quickly dropped the subject. I said goodbye to her when her stop 
came up and asked myself again, "oh what god have I offended, what 
sacrifice have I failed to make to deserve this lot and have this sort of 
thing happen to me again and again.
    A week later it was final exam time for this class, I tend to be a 
little long winded, as if you didn't notice, and am usually the last one 
to finish any essay exam. When my exam was over I found her waiting for me 
outside the room. I think over the week she had figured out why I reacted 
so badly to the news of her being married and she asked me, "Why did you 
act that way when I told you I was married?" Well here was my chance to 
tell her, even though I new we could never have a relationship, I felt 
that I could somehow vindicate myself by finally being honest about my 
feelings to a woman. I finally had my chnace to break the cycle and what 
did I do? You guessed it, I copped out. I responded, "I was surprised. 
Well, gee whiz, you think you know a person and then it turns out she's 
married. It was quite a shock." The subject was dropped and I rode home 
with her talking about her life and her husband and finally getting to 
know the real person I had spoke with so often. Finally her stop came and 
we said "I'll see you around." "Yeah, I'll see you." And I was left alone 
again and to this day I never saw her again.    

The Platonic E.
I like my summary better.

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