Excuses We Make for Ourselves

She doesn't take you seriously. She doesn't see you "in that way." You don't understand why this keeps happening to you. Obviously, if the object of your affection doesn't want to get involved with you, it is because she senses that you are a simpering wreck of a man with no emotional stability. Your job is to figure out exactly what your problem is. Here is a list of possible reasons; failing that, try some nice rationalizations (though, really: aren't they one and the same?); also, some survival schemes mixed in, and, heck, watch as I bask in some genuine, fulsome, and ego-fulfilling feedback:
As you can see, this list is [not as] woefully short [as it was a few short weeks ago] (although some of the actual entries are extremely long. For my limited attention span, anyway). Perhaps it is because I am unable to look at myself objectively. Perhaps there is no excuse for me. Weigh in with your comments to joe@joelogon.com