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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Man Ass and Prick City

Here's my most recent contribution to Gene Weingarten's weekly chat on Washington Post:
Dullest, Va.: Two items:

1. According to this site you can't say "MAN A**" in the Washington Post. Can you say "MAN A**" in the chat?

2. Looking at Sunday's Prick City , the point I should take from the strip is that the flower will sprout even after the "cut and run", right?

(Also, in the interest of accuracy, shouldn't Carmen's hand have been blown off by an IED in the first panel?)

washingtonpost.com: No, but you can say MANASSAS.

Gene Weingarten: Indeed. I might even argue it will sprout ONLY after the cut and run. Haha. Didn't know Stantis was a Democrat, did you?

The "words you can't say in the Post" bit referenced the Post's article on Junichi Semitsu, the Dixie Chicks's embedded tour blogger. In the accompanying photo, they cropped the "Man Ass for the Dixie Chicks" from his t-shirt.

I was indeed censored in this case.

The chat occurs weekly, Thursdays at 12 noon, though I submitted my item on Monday, as I would never use my work access for non-work purposes.

Actually, since I'm engaging the blogosphere/social networks, I guess I could say it is was for work purposes. But mostly I wanted to say Man Ass and Prick City.


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