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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Cringeworthy Performance

So after all the hot kickball action in Annapolis, I was driving back and decided to stop by Arlington since it was still relatively early.

I met up with Jenny, Adam & Ryan at Clare & Don's Beach Shack. When I got there, there was an abundance of ladies, though the crowd changed significantly by the time Ryan got there. I think he scurred most of them away.

Since it was Saturday, it was karaoke night. They had a new DJ there, with a new song book. The song selection was not as robust; plus, in a particularly irritating turn of events, a lot of songs were listed multiple times... not even counting the alternately-spelled or -worded variants -- just multiple listings, presumably from multiple disks.

Anyway, since not that many people were performing (a few people kept getting their turn at the mike), I thought I would give it another go.

Since my range is pretty limited, and there were fewer options in the book, I thought I would repeat myself and do Dean Martin again.

Except when it got to my turn and I started reading the lyrics of the screen, I realized that the song I thought I had requested (You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You) was not actually the song I requested (Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime).

In my slightly impaired state, with the confusion of the duplicate song titles in the smaller list, I ended up seeing the song I wanted to see, not the song that was actually there.

This presented a problem, as I only know the chorus (actually, I guess the only lyrics I knew were in the song title), and I couldn't really hear the tune.

Well, I was kind of stuck. It's a short song, but it felt like a really long two-minutes, with a lot of awkward pauses since I had to fake my way through the tune, and what I came up with didn't quite sync up with the actual cadence. It's kind of hazy, but I'm sure I was pretty horrible.

I can only hope that no one (especially no one who, say, reads this blog) was actually silly enough to try to take any video or anything, as I would need to take extraordinary measures to keep such video from seeing the light of day.


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