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Sunday, September 17, 2006

There's No Frisking in Kickball!

Saturday was the midseason party for my fall kickball league, at Breaker's Billiards in the Herndon clocktower shopping center.

It was an okay party, as these things go. However, one thing set this party apart from your usual kickball event: At around 10pm, the bouncers set up a velvet rope and started patting people down at the door.

Okay, now sometimes things get a little heated on the field (there was a game a few weeks back that I thought was going to end by rear naked choke), but there's never been anything resembling frisking at the parties. (There's an obvious frisking/friskiness joke in there that I choose not to pursue at this time.)

As it turns out, apparently hip-hop/R&B station 93.9FM was doing an event.

This also explains why it was so damned loud (this was even through the 20 decibel reduction from my Etymotic ER-20 earplugs -- they reduce the volume without muffling sounds like foam earplugs. They look kind of funny, but I'm not proud anymore -- I've already got some tinnitus.)

Anyway, violence was averted. I didn't bring my camera, so there aren't any scandalous pictures. Or if there are, I don't have any.


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