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Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Do Stalkers See Other Stalkers?

Saw an item today, Inside the Mind of Celebrity Stalkers (link via Fark) that resurfaced an idle question I ponder from time to time:

How do stalkers react when they hear about somebody else's stalker?

Do they say to themselves, "Man, that guy is messed up -- does he really think she's sending him secret signals through the TV that only he can see? What a total psycho..."?

Or, do they think, "Man, he's just misunderstood -- I'm sure that if she gave him a chance, things could be really cool"? [That's a callback to a Tina Fey SNL Weekend Update bit involving Courtney Love, by the way, though I remember the line differently.]

I do, truly, wonder this. And it's not just because of my own latent stalker tendencies.




  • I think they simply snort and chuckle at how the other stalker is doing it wrong.

    Really, the Cardinal Rule of stalking is to keep your face and name out of the freakin' papers. That, and wear lots of black and one of those knit winter caps (or a ski mask).

    By Blogger Dan, At 10/09/2008 6:35 PM  

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