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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Metal in the Microwave: Not Just Fear-Mongering

Here's part of Saturday's chicken dinner in the microwave. See the green metal wire twist-tie? I didn't:


I was heating up the chicken to shred into some mung bean salad I'd had on hand (sauce: soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, siracha sauce, random spices, and *new addition* fish sauce -- picked up a few bottles at the Fresh World).

Somehow, a wire twist-tie made it into the bowl. (I use a glass pot lid to cover dishes -- the twist-tie was probably sitting in it, and got flipped into the bowl. Thus ends the post-mortem.)

I'd set the timer for a few minutes and went into the next room to read. I thought the popping noises were normal cooking sounds, but when I went back in, I smelled something burny. Then I saw the scorch mark.

The chicken still looked fine, but when I picked up the bowl, it splintered.

Anyway, the microwave still works and the chicken was still tasty. And here's the thing about twist-ties: You never need them when you have them.

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