Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend

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Congratulations! You've got a new life-long friend!

NOTE: This guide examines so-called platonic friendships (that is, relationships of a purely non-sexual nature) between men and women. Specifically, it examines two closely related aspects of the platonic friendship:

  1. The tendency of women to develop close friendships with their male acquaintances, thereby pre-emptively eliminating any possibility of a romantic relationship, the result of which is to remove the poor schmuck's heart and shred it
  2. The process by which attractive and otherwise eligible women, when faced by proffered declarations of romantic interest by a male acquaintance, destroy the ego and spirit of said acquaintance by declaring that they only want to be "friends."

For the purposes of this investigation, I will assume that the women are indicating a genuine desire for a friendship-only relationship, and not employing a clumsy and transparent ruse to avoid an unwanted relationship (i.e. "blowing off," "dissing") -- such as a man would use. Furthermore, though there may be anecdotal evidence of such techniques being used by men on women, I believe that only women are able to inflict such great emotional damage with such an innocuous phrase as, "I just want to be friends," the result of which is such an artful and complete annihilation, leaving behind only a broken, whimpering husk, that there can be no doubt as to the cause.

This guide draws from my own personal experiences and the experiences of others on the receiving end of The Treatment. As such, it gets painfully repetitive; I welcome any inputs from other shattered males, and indeed, from the female perspective as well. I am particularly interested in sound bites and seething bitterness tinged with humor.

Some stupendously high number of ruined, shattered husks of men have hit this page (since the counter was pulled), in addition to those strange, alluring, female-beings that exert such powerful influence over us.

The Futile Fugue: Variations on a Theme

How many times has this happened to you?

The stories remain the same, from the first note you passed in grammar school, to the woman you met through a mutual friend in college: