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Friday, September 22, 2006

01 java.net.ConnectException (and other dumb things)

Blogger was being naughty last night, with some 01 java.net.ConnectException error that kept me from publishing. I'm not sure if publishing from another computer did the trick (it shouldn't have, as far as I can tell -- should be a problem on the other side); even though the entry had allegedly "published", I did a Save as Draft and was then able to publish the entry for real, so we'll see how that goes this time around.

In some other quick updates, since I don't see myself doing a lot of blogging this weekend:

* If you see me at the Virgin Festival, say hi. (In my case, it should probably be the "Born-Again Virgin Festival.")

* I was accused of being a poor wingman last night. Fellas, for that to be a valid criticism, you got to at least get a shot off.

* My washing machine died last week. Actually, I think my mom worked it to death, during her and my family's visit earlier this month.

Yes, I'm in my early-to-mid-thirties, and my mommy still does the laundry when she visits.

Hey, you try telling her not to. I swear I'm going to have to turn the water off next time she visits.

Fortunately, I have enough clear clothes to last me until I get my ass to Sears to order a new washer/dryer, which should happen sometime this month.


  • RE: The Bad Wingman blurb

    What does that even mean? Get a shot off? I'd say, (A) part of the wingman's duties are to assist in getting "a shot off", (B) If getting "a shot off" means speaking to them, then the criticism was valid, (C) I didn't accuse you of being a poor wingman... or at least in my somewhat blurry memory of the evening I didn't... although I do remember discussion about it... and I might point out that my initial intention of going over there was to be your wingman... lot of good that did either of us.

    By Anonymous Ryan, At 9/28/2006 12:08 AM  

  • Ryan -- you are so amazingly wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. So I won't. Stick to your drink-addled recollections and leave it be. -- Joe

    By Blogger joelogon, At 9/28/2006 7:16 PM  

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