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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Under New Mangement

Here's the latest bill from my subdivision's management company:

Under New Mangement

For the lazy, unobservant, word-hating illiterate savages out there, the URL given is "kogermangement.com", which is of course incorrect.

(They charge a "convenience fee" too, so I just mailed it in, per usual.)

In other news, I finally adjusted the template for this blog. It's still fixed-width (since I'm CSS-impaired), but the center column width now fits a 500-pixel wide photo (Flickr's standard "medium" photo size for a 1600x1200 original).

It took me annoyingly long to figure out that I needed to upload a new background graphic for the center column -- it's a one-pixel tall gif that's light gray on the left, and white for the rest -- I had to use the Photoshop eyedropper to check the color values.


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