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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who Are the Whitlow's Four?

I check the Web sites of some of the local watering holes and concert venues pretty regularly (even if I don't go out as much as I used to) -- the 9:30 Club, Galaxy Hut, Iota, others.

So I've been wondering for a while:

Who are the four girls whose picture rotates through the Whitlow's main page?

Who are the Whitlow's Girls
And you shall know them by their red eyes.

Sometimes as I click past their picture, I find myself speculating idly about them:

What are they like? Are the four of them still hanging out together, or was this just a serendipitous grouping? Were they having a good time at the time? Do they know about the picture? Have they changed in the intervening years? Are they still single? (If they even were single, of course -- then again, they were at Whitlow's.) What's life like for them, living with those freakishly red eyes?

Lots of questions, and no answers.

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  • four long time employees. Nothing more, nothing less. If you've been to whitlows within the last fives years, you've seen them there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9/29/2007 5:44 PM  

  • Thanks for the info. People always look different out of context.

    By Blogger Joelogon, At 9/30/2007 1:03 PM  

  • Not to mention, You've probably spent more time wondering about them than they have about themselves.. I used to work there..those girls have as much depth and dimension as that photo ..

    But thats what works for Arlington.. Its the truth from the beginning.. You know when you walk into Whitlows you've walked into every bar on Wilson Blvd.. Plus, it dumbs down the city experience for suburbanites.. A sterile version of ethnic diversity and an apparently hidden GLBT community.. Its like Disney opened a new theme park called "American City".. Its sad, especially when you drive by remnants of days gone like Dr. Dremo's and Java Shack. Iota, and Galaxy Hut.. Even the British Goodies store next to Hard Times reminds me of when the place was seen as the one of the budding arts communities in the metro area.. Now its like a shell with businesses developing like tract housing..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12/04/2007 7:56 PM  

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