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Sunday, September 06, 2009

My New Mac Tablet (Note: Misleading Headline)

So far, here's the one hitch I've run into after upgrading to Snow Leopard: Photoshop Elements 4 stopped working, even after installing Rosetta as prompted.

This was not an incredibly big deal, though I needed it enough that I decided to buy Elements 6. And it comes bundled with the Wacom Bamboo Fun graphics tablet, which I've had my eye on for a while, so it was the perfect excuse to get one. Didn't find any good deals, so I just popped over to Best Buy and got one.


Then, I started running into problems.

* My Macbook's internal optical drive is dead, so I've been using a borrowed external DVD drive. However, it was still at work.

* Okay, no problem: It's 2009, so I download the tablet drivers and Elements 6 demo, figuring I could use the Elements serial number on the download.

* Find out that the Elements DVD serial won't work on the downloaded demo. Annoying, but I get by in 30-day trial mode.

* Get to work the next day. Insert install DVDs. The external DVD player, which I used to install Snow Leopard, doesn't see the discs.

* Look up the internet. Find that Snow Leopard not seeing external DVD drives is a known issue. Find workaround: With DVD inserted, plug and unplug the FireWire cable.

* Go to Install Elements off the DVD. Installer fails, due to critical errors reported to an error log that I can't find. Try to uninstall. Uninstall fails.

* After more searching, finally find and run CS3Clean Script to uninstall previous stuff, then finally reinstall Elements 6 off the DVD.

It was a pain in the ass.

I also had to reinstall Adobe Flash Player, but it turns out that this was a good thing, since Snow Leopard comes with an older version with security holes.

Anyway, I'm still getting used to both Elements 6 and the tablet. So far so good, though.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things *Were* Going Okay Today

I had a relatively productive morning -- went to the outplacement place today for an introductory session. We'll see how useful it is -- the resume, I know, could use some help. I think I last updated it in 1998, though my LinkedIn is a little more current.

I got there a little late -- if I'd had more time, I was going to try to take a photo of the tree out front. The leaves are all bright yellow now, and it was still pretty foggy this morning, so I thought it might be interesting. But by the time I got back, the fog had all burned off.

Then, I set up the new all-in-one printer -- printer/fax/scanner/copier. It's a Samsung SCX-4725FN -- got it yesterday after ordering it from Staples: $140 after rebate. Not too bad. Set it up, worked okay (tested everything but the fax).

Get through about 6 different test pages. Then, all of a sudden, it stops working. It's refusing to intake paper to the printing part, either from the cartridge or the manual feed. I can hear something going, but no wheels are turning and nothing's moving.

I'm going to give it one more try tomorrow (got to get to the meetups tonight), but if it still doesn't work, it's back to the store. I might consider an exchange, but if not, it's gone.

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